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Inspection Scheduling

To schedule inspections call
Phone: 715-693-1176 or 715-573-1756

The Village offers Building Inspection services Monday through Friday after 4 PM.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you on your next building project. Call us with any questions regarding code issues or the building process in general.  You can also look through our Citizens Guides, which contain information  for some of the more common building projects.

Building Permits

A building permit is generally required before beginning any project to build, structurally alter, relocate, or demolish a structure, and any project involving plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work.  It is best to check with the Building Inspection Department to confirm whether a permit is required for your specific project.


All new construction, additions, and alterations to one- and two-family dwellings, detached garages, and heating, electrical, and plumbing systems must comply with the State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code.

Building Permit Fees

Click here to view the Village of Kronenwetter Fee Schedule.

Applications & Submittal Requirements for Various Building Permits

The following submittals are required prior to issuing a building permit.  Failure to submit all requirements at the time of application will delay the review process.

New Single-Family/Two-Family/Multi-Family Dwellings

A.  Elevation views of all sides

B.  Floor Layout

C.  Basement Plan

D.  Cross Section

  • REScheck Compliance Report. Completed Energy Worksheet. RESCheck is available at  Until further notice use version DO NOT download Rescheck from the Dept. of Energy website. To show compliance with the energy code use 2009 IECC.  Submit a copy of the Compliance report, including the Compliance checklist and the Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Certificate. After you have obtained compliance, toggle to Wisconsin UDC 2009 and obtain the “Total Building Heating Load” Summary. Submit a copy of the loading summary. The Compliance Certificate must be completed, signed and posted in the home at the time of the final inspection.
  • Additional forms that need to be signed:

A.  Erosion Control for Home Builders Form

B.  Liability for Damage to Village Roads Form

C.  Occupancy Surcharge Form

Zoning District

Front Yard (ft)

Interior Side Yard (ft)

Corner Side Yard (ft)

Rear Yard (ft)

SF Single-Family Residence





2F Two Family Residence





MF Multiple-Family Residence





RR2 Rural Residential 2





RR5 Rural Residential 5





AR Agriculture and Residential





Room Additions
  • Building Permit Application
  • Site plan of the lot showing the proposed structure and all distances to lot lines
  • Two sets of construction plans.  Indicate where addition will attach to existing building, and include:

A. Footing detail/foundation plan

B. Floor layout

C. Cross sectional detail

Interior Renovations/Alterations
  • Building Permit Application
  • Detailed scope of work explaining all demolition areas and what is being rebuilt. Any HVAC work, plumbing work, and electrical work.
  • A floor layout drawing
Garages/Yard Sheds/Accessory Structures
  • Building Permit Application
  • Site plan of the lot showing the proposed structure and distances to existing structures and lot lines
  • Two sets of construction plans, informational sheet, or a pamphlet showing:

A. Footing detail & foundation plans

B. Floor layout- with door openings, window openings and wall dimensions

C. Materials used for the roof and exterior siding

  • Building Permit Application
  • Site plan of the lot showing the proposed structure and all distances to lot lines
  • Deck detail to include:

A. Post size and spacing

B. Beam size, spacing and spans

C. Joist size, spacing ans spans

D. Footing size, and depth for corners and intermediates

  • Fence Permit Application
  • Site Plan of lot showing the proposed fence location and all distances to lot lines (the owner or contractor must verify location of lot lines prior to installation).
Swimming Pools
  • Swimming Pool Permit Application
  • Site Plan of lot showing the proposed swimming pool location and all distances to lot lines (the owner or contractor must verify location of lot lines prior to installation).
  • A fence permit is required with installation of swimming pools.
Required Inspections

Requests for inspections shall be made by calling 715-573-1756.  All inspections shall be scheduled by the contractor/owner with a minimum 24 hour advance notice. Construction may proceed if the inspection has not taken place by the end of the second business day following the day of notification. The following sequence of inspections shall be performed to determine if the work complies with the Uniform Dwelling Code.

  1. First Inspection- FOOTING & FOUNDATION.  The excavation shall be inspected after the placement of any forms or required reinforcement, and prior to the placement of the permanent foundation material.  Where damp proofing, exterior insulation, or drain tiles are required, the foundation shall be inspected prior to backfilling
  2. Second Inspection- ROUGH IN.  A rough inspection shall be performed for the items listed below before the work is concealed.  All work for rough inspections may be completed before the notice for inspection is given, provided the work has not been covered.The applicant may request one rough inspection or individual rough inspections. A separate fee may be charged for each individual inspection.
  • Basement floor area
  • General construction, including framing
  • Rough electrical
  • Rough plumbing
  • Rough heating, ventilating and air conditioning
  • Basement drain tiles
  1. Third Inspection- INSULATION.  An inspection shall be made of the insulation and vapor retarders after they are installed but before they are concealed.
  2. Final Inspection.  The dwelling may not be occupied until a final inspection has been made that finds no critical violations of this code that could reasonably be expected to affect the health or safety of a person using the dwelling.
Other things to consider

It is very easy to wound trees during site preparation and construction.  Wounded oak trees are at risk of becoming infected with oak wilt—a fatal, infectious disease that can threaten the very trees which make wooded properties so desirable and valuable.  If you plan to build on an oak-wooded lot, you should click here to learn more about oak wilt in the Village. In addition, the Village has created a handout which can be viewed here.

2016 Building Inspection Year End Report