Village of Kronenwetter
Zoning Department

Community Development Director: RANDY FIFRICK
Phone: 715-693-4200, ext.113

The Zoning Department promotes the orderly and harmonious use of land while improving the quality of life for current and future generations of the community.

The department is administered in a manner designed to fulfill the objectives of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan.  Staff within the department provide assistance to applicants in the processing of permits, provide assistance in applying ordinances and provide citizens the opportunity to participate in land use decisions.

Meet the New Zoning Code

The Village of Kronenwetter has been working for several years to update and improve the Village Zoning Ordinance to better assist the businesses and residents of the Village.

The Plan Commission and Village Board met on June 20th, 2016 to hear public comments on the revised zoning code. At the meeting, the Village Board voted to adopted the proposed code. The new code went into effect on July 1st, 2016.

What is Zoning? Why is it Important?

Quick Zoning Fact Sheets

Some of the changes that have been made to the Zoning Ordinance include:

  • The layout of the proposed ordinances contains tables of information for quick information finding
  • Updated Zoning Districts classifications
  • Updated Sign regulations
  • Updated Landscaping Standards for Commercial and Industrial Projects
  • Updated Nonconforming structure/lot regulations
  • Decreased minimum lot size for Single Family Residential Zoning District
  • Up to Date regulations for Shoreland/Wetland Districts

A copy of the NEW Zoning Ordinance can be found HERE.

The Kronenwetter Zoning Map can be found HERE.

Residents may submit a written or electronic request to be added to a list maintained by the Village to received notice of any proposed zoning action that may be taken that affects the allowable use of their own property. The notice shall be sent via electronic mail. Notice may be sent via 1st class mail at the cost of the resident. Requests can be sent to Emily Grabenstein, or 1582 Kronenwetter Drive, Kronenwetter WI 54455.

Helpful Documents

Village of Kronenwetter Zoning Map
Village of Kronenwetter Zoning Ordinance
Village of Kronenwetter Comprehensive Plan
Village of Kronenwetter Future Land Use Map

Village of Kronenwetter Zoning Map with Property Maintenance Overlay

Supplemental Material

Animal Units Worksheet

Municipal Well Recharge Area Overlay

Flood Insurance Study

General Floodplain District Regulations

Shoreland Overlay Zoning District Regulations

Screening for Rooftop Mechanical Equipment

Large Retail and Commercial Service Development Questionnaire (Supplement to Application Form)

Roadway Access Control Regulations

The Ringelmann Smoke Chart

Zoning Map


Zoning Forms

Zoning Change Request Application – If the zoning on a parcel of land is inconsistent with the use the applicant desires, the applicant may apply to the Village for a change of zoning district.
Variance Request Application – A variance is a request to deviate from current zoning requirements.
Conditional Use Permit Application – Similar to variances, conditional use permits allow an otherwise non-permitted use of the property that the zoning code does not include.
Conditional Use Permit Renewal – Renewal for a previously approved conditional use permit that has not expired.
Non-Metallic Mining Conditional Use Permit Application – Required for mining operations within the Village.
Pond Conditional Use Permit Application – Required for excavation activities that result in a pond within the Village.

Additional Forms

Site Plan Application
Roadway Access Permit Application
Building Permit Application