Fireworks Safety

Every year as we approach Independence Day, complaints related to the unlawful use of fireworks skyrocket…literally. We feel part of the issue is there is a lot of confusion around about what is legal and what is illegal. Especially since you can legally purchase a lot of fireworks at the fireworks tent down the street; that are illegal to discharge. So, we created this page to help you out.

Link: Kronenwetter Fireworks Permit
Link: Wisconsin Fireworks Laws
Link: "Fireworks Cause Forest Fires and More" Brochure

What Fireworks Are Illegal/Legal?

In the State of Wisconsin there is an easy rule to remember when purchasing and discharging fireworks. If the firework leaves the ground or explodes, it is illegal to discharge. Legal fireworks are mostly fountains and sparklers, or “safe and sane” fireworks.

Legal Fireworks Illegal Fireworks

Fountains are legal


Aerials are illegal


Sparklers are legal


Firecrackers are illegal


Tanks / Snakes are legal


Bottle Rockets are illegal


Roman Candles are illegal

Why Do We Enforce Fireworks Laws

Every year our department has had a firm stance on the enforcement of our fireworks laws and ordinances and we do so to ensure the protection of our citizens and their property. Every year, especially around Independence Day, our officers handle dozens of complaints in regard to fireworks. These complaints range from noise nuisances, traffic complaints, property damage from debris, grass fires and personal injuries.

Can I Get a Permit for Fireworks?

Yes. However there are restrictions and liability requirements you will need to follow. For more information on fireworks permits, contact the Village of Kronenwetter at 715-693-4200.

Where Are There Fireworks Shows?

We highly encourage you to save your money, save your concerns and risk, and get out to one of the several community fireworks shows in the area to check out. Check out the list below for several options: