Village of Kronenwetter
Public Works Department

Parks & Recreation, Urban Forestry: RANDY FIFRICK
Phone: 715-693-4200, ext.113

Phone: 715-693-4200, ext. 111

Road Maintenance: RICHARD DOWNEY
Phone: 715-693-4200, ext. 102

The Kronenwetter Department of Public Works plows and maintains over 117 miles of roadways in the community, maintains community parks and deals with multiple other duties.

Road Weight Limits
Temporary weight limits will go into effect on Friday, February 17.  These seasonal restrictions are eight (8) ton load on all posted roads.  Permits to exceed load limits are not being issued unless it is an emergency.

To view posted roads, CLICK HERE.  For county roads (such as X and XX), contact the Marathon County Highway Department.

A Permit to Exceed Load Limits Application can be found in the Forms section below.

2016 Crack Filling & Seal Coating

Beginning the last week in July, Crack Filling Service will be crack filling various roads throughout the Village.

Beginning the first week in August, Scott Construction will be seal coating various roads throughout the Village.  A majority of the seal coating will be conducted on our rural roads (CLICK HERE TO SEE MAP).
UPDATE (8/1/16): Seal coating has been rescheduled to the week of August 15.

If you encounter the crack filling and/or seal coating operations, please allow the workers plenty of room to complete their work.  Please be mindful of how close you come to crew members and their equipment.  Refrain from making sharp turns on freshly crack filled/seal coated roads, as it may cause some tar and/or road oil to stick to your vehicle tires.

Road Right-of-Ways Encroachments

Generally, the village right-of-way (ROW) extends 33 feet from the center of our roads and streets.


We have noticed a tendency of several Encroachments within the Village ROW.  Encroachments are fence posts/fences, water sprinkler systems, plantings (flower beds, shrubs, crops, etc.), trees, signs headwalls, and large rocks.  We cannot afford the hazard to our children and others should they hit an Encroachment or other obstacle while bicycling, etc.

Fines and Liability

If there are Encroachments in the ROW, the responsible party may be subject to fines and payment of the cost of removal or restoration, not to mention the potential liability issue.

Below is a link to Policy ID:  PW-007 Encroachments.


It is not allowed to do any filling in of ditches along roadways. Unless a Permit is issued.